I'm Raleigh Gresham.

I'm an analytics leader working on creative ways to differentiate brands. I believe most of them should be asking for more from their customer data.

My Point of View: What you know about your customers should be bringing your brand to life in meaningfully personal ways. Your customer data should mean the end of robotic marketing automation and "same suit, different tie" content. It should drive un-copyable tactics built around your unique blend of brand, product and service. Customer knowledge should make gratitude and relationships the bedrock of your long-term strategies.

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I help brands curate and use insights about their customers. My average project impact is +3.5% ROI for every data point I help someone put to use.

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This has given me the chance to partner with some great brands and I've been able to lead and work with some really amazing people.

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Let's figure out how to get the most from what you know about your customers.

Email me: raleigh.gresham[at]gmail.com

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